Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Adventures in phone repair

I took my phone in to be repaired last Monday.

On Friday I got a text telling me the repair wasn't covered by my warranty, so they'd send a quote to the store where I handed it in. I spent the weekend geeing myself up for an argument.

On Monday I went into the shop. They have no idea why it's not covered, only that the fee quoted is £25.

I called the repair centre and found out that they need a proof of purchase for the warranty to apply. Nothing about the repair itself.

I went to the shop, but they don't keep records for more than a year.

I went to O2 and got a copy of my credit agreement, which I sent to the repair centre.

The saga continues, but the most aggravating thing is the transparent graft of it. Clearly they must pull this shit on most of their customers, who assume that returning the phone to the shop they bought it from will cover that whole proof of purchase aspect, and just count on some or most of them not bothering to check over the matter of £25.

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