Friday, 17 June 2016

2016 in Pictures - So what happened

Another Littleport Morning
 So, really the problem with 2016 in Pictures is that I pass the same things every day, so the remarkable stuff is usually too fleeting for cameras, like spotting the herons on their nest, deer in the fields or owls by the trainline. Another time, I was walking back to the station in Cambridge in the rain and something gave out, letting all the water collecting on the upper level of a building under construction cascade through the middle of the frame like a waterfall. It was beautiful, but over in seconds.

Death Hornet
There is also the limits of my ability with a camera. I took some pictures of Consall where the last No Rest game was, but failed to capture the precipitousness of the site. Gradients show poorly in photographs.

In a similar vein, the picture on the left really doesn't do justice to the size of the hornet I had to evict from the office twice.

On the other hand, I think it has achieved its goal somewhat. I do notice things a little more, if only in time to think: "That would have been a great picture." So there is that.

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