Monday, 7 December 2015

It Takes a Polyamorous Relationship Cluster to Raise a Child

Why would you tell me this? What reason do I have to assume that they aren't?
Various members of our cluster* seem intent on teaching Arya to make things. I can't really make anything crafty. I guess I'll be teaching her to cook and doing the basic moral guidance via storytelling, since I'm pretty useless at making things.

In other news, as I flagrantly underuse this blog, it's Chriiiistmaaas! Well, it's advent anyway. That means Christmas shopping, so my balance is a fair bit lighter than it was this morning. So it goes; I just hope that people like what I've got them, since that's the real point; not to spend money, but to give gifts and give pleasure.

I'm looking forward to Christmas with Arya. It's her third, but her first as a fully communicative being. Should be a lot of fun.

* I have no idea if this is the appropriate term, but I figure I won't go far wrong borrowing from Sense8

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