Monday, 18 May 2015


It's difficult to take selfies with a
baby. In this case I couldn't get one
where we were both smiling.
Okay, so 'sleepy' could be the title of most of my posts, but what can I say; I'm sleepy, and it was that or bitch about the fact that someone bumped into me on the way into work and slopped the water of their umbrella down my neck.

Not much to report from the me side of my life at the moment. I'm mostly muddling through, trying to clear the yard a bit so we can plant some plants and use it as an outdoor area in the nice weather. I had planned to try and put in a sort of conservatory/dining room, but the money isn't there for that, so veggies and breathing room will have to do.

At the weekend I'm taking Arya to see her grandparents while Hanna and Andrew are at Empire. I do need to book up for August's No Rest, but I need to sort transport before I can commit. There's a lot of this sort of hmm-haw in my life at the moment.

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