Sunday, 14 December 2014

What I did with my weekend

This weekend I spent some quality time with Arya while Hannah was in London for a LARP. It's a new system for Hannah and something for her to do on her own, and it was important that it went well for that reason, as well as for the far more basic reason that I constantly question my qualifications as a father and need a lot of reassurance (Arya's smiles and Arya falling asleep on my lap are huge reassurances.)

I went to the start of a Swedish Jul party and had some lovely saffron buns. I also got to cook for my family, and to introduce Andrew to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 via the medium of the classic Fugitive Alien ('he tried to kill me with a fork lift!')

My Christmas tree is small, but damned Christmassy.

On more of a downside, my flat is kinda damp at the moment. In particular the many outside walls of the bathroom make it a condensation trap.

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